Why Invest in start-ups?

  • Investment in start-ups is a high risk undertaking but the rewards can be considerable.

  • If you are a UK taxpayer, you can get effective income tax relief on your investments in the form of SEIS or EIS.

  • A well-structured portfolio of start-ups can qualify for IHT Relief.

  • Developing a portfolio of start-ups spreads the risk and increases the probability that one will come good.

  • Investing locally allows a closer relationship with those running the business.

  • Investors enjoy passing on the benefit of their experience to others.

  • It is far more satisfying to invest in a business that you can personally help to grow and develop.


What MK Investors Group Can Do For Investors

  • We find exciting businesses with strong growth potential and match them with active investors.

  • We run pitching events where you can find a regular supply of pre-vetted businesses, ask questions and discuss the opportunity with other investors.

  • If you're new to investing, you can invest alongside experienced investors who have the potential to drive the business forward.


We are always interested to hear from new investors who would like to become involved with the Group. If you would like to discuss this further we would be delighted to hear from you. Those who invest should be able to qualify as either ‘sophisticated’ or ‘high net worth’ investors. This is because, in line with the regulatory framework, the Group makes no claim to provide financial advice. 

 Investment is therefore personal and entirely at a Member’s own risk.

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