What MK Investors Group Can Do For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • We will meet your short term funding requirements with less complication.

  • We will introduce you to our members and hence to an extraordinarily diverse network of contacts.

  • We will give you feedback on your business model and business plan.

  • We will give you advice and coaching on your pitch and to ensure it is as complete and understandable as possible.

  • We will help you to find an active angel investor to come on board in the knowledge that this will increase the chance of business success.

OK, so how does it work?

Initial contact with the Investors Group usually results in a period of preparation and dialogue while the business model, business plan and presentation are drafted and honed. Some start-ups are better prepared than others but all benefit in some way from this independent scrutiny and analysis, which may take a month or two.


Once nearing readiness, the enterprise joins the pipeline and a date is selected for the presentation. At this stage you will be asked to sign a contract and pay the registration fee.

A dress-rehearsal run-through is then arranged for approximately 10 days before the presentation date. If anything needs changing, this still allows time for final adjustments. It also allows presenters to see the room in which they will speak and to acquaint themselves with the audio/visual facilities.

On the day of the presentation, presenters should arrive at least an hour before the meeting to ensure that everything (including the pitch) is in full working order. The pitch is usually given to an audience of 40-50 persons.


Presenters usually receive approaches during the social directly after the pitches but it often takes time for offers and support to coalesce via the Group’s networks.

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